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House Removals

Our first true love is house removals for domestic clients across various areas, including Barnet, Brookmans Park, Cheshunt, Cuffley, Enfield, Hertford, Potters Bar, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, and beyond. We truly understand the significance of your home to you and your family, and we acknowledge that moving houses can be a challenging experience for everyone involved. That's why we are dedicated to ensuring that your big move is as stress-free as possible.

Starting with an initial survey of your current residence, we meticulously plan every step of the moving process. If needed, we also offer assistance with the packing phase. Once everything is carefully packed, we transport your belongings to your new property securely and with utmost care. In the local area, no other removal companies can match the level of service we provide. Our commitment to making your move smooth and hassle-free sets us apart from the rest.

Commercial Removals

We don't only specialize in house removals; we understand that relocating commercial premises can be equally daunting. However, with almost four decades of hands-on experience, we possess the logistical expertise required to handle such moves with ease. If you're moving your office, we are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition that suits both you and your staff.

Our commitment to working closely with you from the start sets us apart from other removal companies. Our team of removal experts collaborates with you to create a well-thought-out and effective moving plan, tailored to meet your specific corporate relocation needs. We aim to make your office move a stress-free affair, providing you with confidence and assurance throughout the process.

Piano & Fine Art

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Packing, Furniture Dismantling

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Piano Removals

Moving a piano is no ordinary task. These majestic instruments hold both sentimental and monetary value, making their safe transport our top priority. Our team of experienced piano movers are trained to handle pianos of various types and sizes, from uprights to grand pianos. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we carefully pack and secure your piano to prevent any damage during transit. Whether you are moving locally or to a distant location, rest assured that we will take every precaution to ensure the integrity of your treasured piano.

Fine Art Removals

For art enthusiasts and collectors, the safe relocation of fine art pieces is of utmost importance. Each piece of art is unique and irreplaceable, and we deeply understand the significance it holds to you. Our fine art removal specialists are adept at handling delicate paintings, sculptures, antiques, and other valuable artworks. We meticulously wrap and crate each piece, providing custom solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your art collection. From customized removal vehicles to specialized packaging materials, we leave no stone unturned to protect your art from any potential harm during transit.

White-Glove Service

All our services are conducted with a white-glove approach. This means that we treat every item with the utmost care, just as if it were our own. Our experienced team will not only handle the physical aspects of the move but also work closely with you to address any concerns or preferences you may have. We understand that every item has its own story, and we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of your belongings throughout the journey.

Insurance Coverage

We recognize that despite all precautions, unforeseen circumstances can occur. To give you peace of mind, all our services come with comprehensive insurance coverage. This means that in the rare event of any mishap, you are fully protected, and your items are safeguarded.



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