Arranging the move

Moving home is an immensely stressful undertaking, even with the help of friends and family. Professional movers will take care of all the heavy lifting and handle all the logistical planning needed for a safe, successful move – without any hassle!
This will depend on the size and scale of your move. The more you have to move, and the further away your new home, the larger team of movers you’ll need. For a free quote and consultation for your move, simply get in touch with us today.
It’s definitely recommended, even if the move isn’t set in stone just yet. Having an estimate of your move in advance allows you to budget properly and make all the necessary preparations – plus, it’s another mark off the checklist!
Typical busy periods include school holidays and at the end of each month. When booking a move, it might be best to plan around these times, but we always try our best to fit you in.
For your current property, we can discuss access issues in person during the initial consultation. For your new home, please let us know in advance of any access issues you are aware of – such as steps or narrow roads/driveway – and we will work to plan around this.

Preparing for the move

All you need to do is pack the items you wish to pack yourself, and keep the boxes organised. Don’t worry about handling or moving boxes, that’s our job!
For our packing service, we supply all the boxes and protective wrapping paper. We also supply sturdy packing tape, blanket wrap, bubble wrap and extra crates for fragile/heavy items as necessary.
Of course! If you have any leftover boxes from an old move, or would like to use donated boxes from friends or family, please feel free. Boxes should ideally be double walled for complete protection. If you require any more boxes we are here to accommodate.
We do! Just be sure to mark each box clearly with the room you would like it to be taken to, and our movers will handle the rest.
Two-drawer cabinets can be left as is. Four-drawer cabinets need the top two drawers emptying, and taller cabinets will need to be emptied entirely.
This isn’t always required. If you have a large chest of drawers or wardrobe, it might help to remove some items – be sure to empty anything fragile! We can provide carton wardrobes in advance or on the day, if you require.
Please empty and fully disconnect any appliances such as your: washing machine, dryer, fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher before your movers arrive.
We can dismantle your beds and bed frames for you, but other self-assembly furniture will need to be factored into the quote. Discuss this with your surveyor during the consultation.
Unfortunately we are unable to perform loft removals due to risk assessment restrictions.
We can! We’ll happily take care of any plants you wish to take with you, all we ask is that you have them packed and prepared for the move beforehand.
We are not licensed to handle hazardous items such as propane tanks, gases, petrol or paint. If you have any specific queries regarding hazardous/combustible items, please discuss them with your surveyor.
We absolutely can. We have a dedicated storage facility for any extra belongings you might need to store. Our containerised storage options are monitored 24/7 with CCTV surveillance and come in a range of sizes.
If you find that you don’t have space for some of your possessions during the move, our team will be happy to discuss a storage solution tailored to your needs.
As with removals, we can’t store any hazardous or combustible items, nor can we store anything living or perishable. For items with fuel or oil, such as machinery, these will need to be drained before we can safely store them for you.

Moving day

On the day of the move, our movers will accompany you through your home and you can let them know there and then if there are certain items you don’t want them to move.
We aim to make moving day as smooth and efficient as possible; our movers will arrange your furniture for you when unpacking in your new property so you can sit back and relax as soon as the job is done.
For safety reasons, we unfortunately cannot move pets for you.
Customers are required to travel separately to the moving truck. This is due to liability reasons, so you will need to arrange your own transport. But feel free to follow us to the destination!



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